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What is the best method for removing a stump from the ground?

The tree stump removal procedure entails removing a tree or large shrub at ground level where just a small piece of the trunk or stem remains. The “Stump” refers to this. A stump can be left in the ground without causing any harm, but if you wish to replant or lay more lawn, or construct a new building or fence, you should remove it.

A stump grinder machine with a large cutter wheel and a number of teeth is the finest technique to dig out. This is placed near to the stump and gradually lowered while panning left to right until the stump is crushed out. Our stump grinding machines are capable of removing stumps of any size to a depth of 24 inches below ground level.

Machines for all stump types and sizes

Northwest Trees and Stumps stump grinding services employ a variety of grinding machines, depending on the location and extent of the stump. Please keep in mind that such machinery is heavy, and while every effort is made to avoid damage to nearby areas, it is conceivable that the stump will not be completely removed if trees and other barriers, such as walls, restrict access. Steep cliffs and tight turns may also be too dangerous for these machines.

The stump removal grindings are usually left on site for the client to utilise as garden mulch or recycled through the green garden trash bins. While stump removal generates a huge amount of material, this process is both cost effective and environmentally friendly.

As the industry experts in stump removal in North West England and North Wales, we can provide clients with a free, no-obligation quotation for the job, which may be delivered over the phone or in person. We do private and commercial work as long as there is adequate access for our machines, and we provide an expedient service at your leisure with least inconvenience.

How to get a free quote for tree stump removal


The diameter of the tree stump should be measured.


Measure the site’s access at its narrowest point.


Describe the location of the tree stump as well as any obstructions in its path.


Identify the tree species if possible, or simply email us a snapshot.


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