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Northwest Trees and Stumps are the North West’s top tree surgeons. Our professional tree services include tree removal, pruning, and planting for both residential and commercial sites at reasonable pricing. Our skilled tree surgeons can assist you in determining what tree service you require and will supply the necessary expertise and equipment.

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What is Crown Lifting?

Crown lifting is the removal of the lowest branches and is a good way to increase light transmission to places closer to the tree or to gain access under the crown.

Crown lifting should be stated with a specific point in mind, such as “crown lift to provide 5m clearance above ground level.”

It is best to avoid removing large branches that grow directly from the trunk. Due to their size, big wounds on the trunk may become significantly degraded as they fail to close over efficiently. This will result in long-term difficulties with deterioration in the tree’s trunk or short-term bio-mechanical instability.

Crown lifting on older, mature trees should be limited to secondary branches or primary branch shortening rather than complete removal if possible.

Crown lifting, when done correctly by a competent tree surgeon, can significantly help to open up the area around the tree.

When we do a full tree removal, we frequently add crown lifting as part of the tree pruning because it is such an efficient way of boosting light transmission and creating a sense of space in the landscape.

The photographs below demonstrate how effective crown lifting may be. Last summer, one of our tree surgery teams pruned a beech tree for a client in Altrincham, Cheshire.

Step 1 – Readiness

We get our crew ready for the task at hand, the surroundings, and the weather they will encounter. After that, our workspace, tools, and equipment are ready for use.

Step 2 – Operation

We then carry out our strategy with the help of our knowledgeable climbers. We tidy up any remnants of the debris once the job is completed.

Step 3 – Quality Control

We inspect our equipment and tools for flaws. To ensure sure everything is in its proper place and nothing has been harmed, a final site sweep is carried out.


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